If we put solar panels on ALL the rooftops of the couple of thousand buildings owned by the city we can produce enough power that Sempra would have to cut a check to the city. It sure would be nice to have Paul Broadway on the Council when Sempra comes to negotiate a new franchise agreement. This installation may make the Sunrise Power Link unnecessary?

Paul has pledged to serve only one term if elected He detests candidates getting elected and before the name plate is changed on the door, they are running for re-election or another office instead of doing the job they were just elected to do. Paul claims he can do in four years what the current council wouldn’t do in 8 years. Please go to www.broadwaypub.com and see what Paul has helped accomplish without ever being elected.

On a side note: Paul refuses ALL campaign contributions so it is great to get this chance to talk with you on voice‘s dime. I challenge all campaign spokespersons on the Café San Diego, to make a donation, the size of your choosing, to Vof SD. They have another sponsor who will match every dollar we give. Having no budget like some of you on the special interest teat, I can only throw in a $20. But if everyone would throw in a $20, with the matching donor, it could be the best idea that came out of the Café SD in several weeks.

Let’s get some feedback readers. Just because I didn’t toss any F-bombs or attack your candidate, that doesn’t give you the right to not attack us. Maybe we’ll win it in the primary and save the developers money.

Thank you for reading. Come to www.broadwaypub.com and enjoy!


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