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One cannot discuss the issues these days, at the San Diego City Council, without some kind of controversial proclamation or resolution on the agenda. It is sad, that those who try to bring common sense to the debate, to counter the immoral assaults leveled upon the people of the city, are considered either not credible or disregarded. How did this body become so political and stray from their charge to manage responsibly?

One man in particular, has stood up to the Council time after time to protect all youth, eliminate harmful pornographic businesses near schools, protect children from venues of adult propaganda and work toward protecting the great heritage that people across America are proud of .

James Hartline is a man who at a very young age experienced betrayal, and the consequences of his actions, to survive in a world which cast him into the shadows of despair. James overcame the hand he was dealt. His story is an example that we as educators hear all the time. Students who have so much to give, who long for the hope and help to experience life-changing opportunities for their future.

To James’s credit he has achieved more by doing, then those who just talk. He is a man, who’s not afraid of opposition; he does not fear man and will not back down from his convictions. James is a man of integrity, with a servant’s heart and a strong commitment to the safety and welfare of this community. He is a hard worker with the willingness to invest himself and serve tirelessly. He has an investigative nature and will seek solutions through fact finding. He is result oriented, organized and focused.

I first met James about 7 years ago working at the grassroots level on many of the same issues he has addressed to the City Council. James and I, along with many others, will continue standing for the values and the moral principles that have been under attack and will leave the next generations to come, asking how did this happen? We both, in our respective paths have the opportunity to educate and inform people of what’s at stake for our future. If we don’t protect and defend our constitution and with fortitude, raise up our collective moral conscience, we will fall.

James is growing in wisdom, first and foremost from Almighty God, through which he exhibits the redemptive qualities that are so often overlooked in a throw-away society.

I am proud to support and endorse James Hartline, District 3, San Diego City Council.


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