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San Diego State University President Stephen Weber just put out a new statement on the drug investigation carried out at the university.

The statement deals, briefly, with the discrepancy between the university’s calculation of how many students were arrested during a recent drug investigation and the total announced by law enforcement officials on Tuesday.

Here’s what it says in that regard:

Since our announcement Tuesday of a successful SDSU-initiated operation to identify and apprehend individuals engaged in illegal drug-related activities on and around our campus, there have been questions about the number of SDSU students arrested in this operation.

The number SDSU released — 33 — was based on students actually arrested as part of the special operation. The number the District Attorney’s office released Tuesday — 75 — includes additional drug-related arrests by SDSU Police on and around the campus that have occurred since January 2008. 

The difference between these numbers as it relates to the seriousness of these arrests or the importance we all place on holding those who traffic in illegal drugs accountable should be of little consequence.  For us, one student is one too many.


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