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Democratic candidate for mayor Floyd Morrow e-mailed me last night with a robust Q&A with himself, saying that he was hoping for equal coverage in the wake of The San Diego Union-Tribune‘s joint Q&A with Mayor Jerry Sanders and challenger Steve Francis.

So, in the interest of fairness, here it is:

Q. Is there a visionary in the Mayor’s race? Yes. The Democratic Party unanimously endorsed me based primarily on what I have done in San Diego. Hindsight is the basis of foresight and clearness of vision. My role in shaping this city’s future in the 1970s is well documented, and well suited for, and qualifies me as a visionary. Degrees in Business and Law prepared me for a 40 year career of invaluable business, legal, governmental, and teaching experiences here in San Diego. Military service, 54 years of married life, family and grandkids, community involvements; all over three generations have provided me a basis for sound judgments and a compass for moral guidance.

Q. How to deal with our environment. First, acknowledge the facts and reality that we are not only the 2nd largest city in California, and 8th in our nation, and, when combined with our larger twin brother or twin sister city, Tijuana, (fraternal, not identical) our combined population is larger than 99% of all the cities populating NORTH, CENTRAL, and SOUTH AMERICA. Seize this incredible opportunity to finally open up a second entrance to our natural wonder, San Diego Bay. The advantages and possibilities are endless from economic, ascetic, environmental, and safety considerations. An additional major export/import shipping facility is desperately needed to relieve the over burdened facilities in Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Q. How to deal with the Mexico/U.S. border. Vision is blind if we look only NORTH to see high rise buildings 10 miles from Broadway Pier, and fail to look SOUTH 10 miles from the same vantage point and see high rises and fail to appreciate and utilize this whole region. Billions of dollars are wasted while we squander our time, fuel, energy, good will, and obstruct daily life by constructing and maintaining a steel fence and employ thousands of armed guards to patrol around the clock to insure that the natural community remains divided. A vision of the Berlin Wall springs to mind, with a California’s prison population and deaths far exceeding that of East Germany before a unified Berlin. NOT an acceptable vision. Freedom must be realized.

Q. What about tourist? Tourist revenue is up world wide, they want to visit this exciting and wonderful international region. In combination and in cooperation with Mexico, we are becoming a world class tourist Mecca, let’s embrace the Baja California Peninsula and opens up a whole new world and vista. .

Q. What about our airport? A International Airport at Brown Field to serve the region with mutual access on both sides of the border was selected during my 12 years on the San Diego City Council. Probably no longer as valid a option, but there is a new and intriguing possibility of a bullet train to Ontario International which would serve the entire region south to Ensenada, Baja California and North to Los Angeles, California.

Q. How to deal with sustainable energy and water. Convene a small, but expert, task force to establish credence for Jim Bell’s solar energy plan. See his vision and endorsement on our web site. Cooperation on such issues as air quality, water quality, sewage treatment, transportation, trash, security, and governance is inextricably tied to our common future with Mexico, San Diego is NOT the end of the line!

I submit that my vision of a free society and community based on a common geography, common economic interests, common history, common sun power, common ancestors; NOT TO MENTION shared air, rain, sun, and beaches, and shared needs for affordable homes, food, transportation, and health care is a practical dream. One must first dream of a good life for everyone in order to have a vision of what is required.

My vision is that of a global village ruled by law, not by force and violence. A multi-cultural village where we teach and recognize that might doesn’t makes right. That paper money and bonded debt is not the answer. That war is not the answer. MY vision is to move forward in a co-operative way with our own little corner of heaven on earth (the San Diego/Tijuana Region). My priorities are to embrace change, diversity, and progress, but don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. IN our daily operations, maintain a open and honest government, utilizing best business practices. Move forward by adopting and living by ideals such as equal laws, equally applied, with equal treatment, and equal opportunities for ALL individuals in a free society, where peace and justice follows as night and day.

Reward and pay fair wages for honest work. Plan and implement a green sustainable city and region. Plan, institute, and create a universal health plan for the region modeled on many from around the world. Promote a unified partnership with all segments of our community and actually use existing plans within a broader and expanded SANDAG. Affordable homes are needed by the hundreds of thousands, particularly in Mexico, and millions of workers are needed to produce those homes, and millions more are needed to clean, maintain, and restore our common space and provide the services we desire. All politics are local, I will urge and demand that we bring our troops home from Iraq, and convert the 2.1 Billion spent weekly to local civilian purposes.

Visit our web site to share my vision: Floyd L. Morrow


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