Donors gave incumbent City Attorney Mike Aguirre $31,147.32 in the last two months, according to a campaign finance statement just filed with the city. In addition, Aguirre gave his campaign $3,500 and lent his campaign another $19,000, bringing the total income for his reelection campaign to $53,647.32.

The fundraising result is a marked increase from the first three months of 2008, when Aguirre raised just $7,474 from Jan. 1 to March 17, less than any other contender in the race except democratic attorney Amy Lepine.

The $31,147.32 raised in monetary contributions since March is significantly more than the contributions made to Brian Maienschein’s campaign in the last two months.

In contrast, Maienschein far out-fundraised any other candidate in the first two months of the year.

Still waiting for the other candidates to file their statements.


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