In a stark reversal of fortunes, city attorney candidate Jan Goldsmith raised more than twice as much money from donors as his Republican rival, Brian Maienschein, according to Goldsmith’s campaign finance statement, which covers the last two months.

Goldsmith raised $57,419 compared to Maienschein’s $20,728. The last time the campaigns reported their income, Maienschein raised almost twice as much as Goldsmith.

Goldsmith’s total still puts him well behind Council President Scott Peters, who was the big winner in the latest fundraising. Peters’ campaign raised more than $80,000 since March.

Maienschein, of course, also has the $250,000 he raised in his uncontested run for City Council in 2004. That gives him a serious advantage in the race, especially over Goldsmith, who he is competing with for crucial Republican votes.

Still waiting on Amy Lepine’s numbers.


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