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City attorney candidate Scott Peters’ election campaign brought in more than $330,000 in the last two months, thanks largely to significant donations and loans made by Peters himself. The campaign also spent more than $435,000 in the same time period and is currently in debt more than $200,000, according to reports just filed.

The campaign raised more than $80,000 from donors. That’s significantly more than either Brian Maienschein or Mike Aguirre, the other two candidates whose campaigns have so far filed their campaign statements.

Peters raised, in total, $276,213, $195,000 of which came out of his own pocket. He also lent his campaign another $55,000 and received $1,388 in non-monetary contributions, bringing the total income for his campaign to $332,601.

The $81,213 Peters received from individual donors dwarfs the amount raised by Aguirre ($31,147.32) and Maienschein ($20,728).

The Peters campaign has also been spending heavily.

In the last two months, it spent $435,038.40, a tab that has left the campaign with outstanding debts of $207,217.98.

By comparison, in the last two months Aguirre’s campaign has spent $52,630.22 and Maienschein’s campaign has spent $265,828.90.

Still waiting on Goldsmith and Lepine.


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