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I checked in yesterday with Bill Curtis, the reader whose immigration headache story I shared last month.

Curtis, you’ll remember, had featured in this story I wrote last year on the “six-figure renters” in San Diego — the folks who earn high salaries but have chosen to rent and watch housing prices fall before buying.

As for the immigration headache, Curtis and his wife were trying to get a temporary visa for his wife’s mom to travel from China to be with his wife when she delivers her baby. I’d followed that up with an update that Rep. Brian Bilbray’s office had promised to try to help.

I checked in with Curtis yesterday for another update:

There’s no concrete resolution to this issue yet. So far Brian Bilbray’s assistant, Brian Jones, has sent two emails to the Consulate in Guangzhou, China. After the second email, they responded with what appears to be a standard form letter type answer of why my wife’s mother’s visa was rejected last time.

So far we have gone through the whole re-application process for another visa request (and yes, more fees), and we have scheduled another interview appointment. Now I have sent all that new information to Brian Jones again, but haven’t heard back from him yet if he is going to be able to help with these things in this latest attempt. I’ll keep you posted.

And Curtis confirmed he’ll be moving to Wichita, Kan., to start a new aerospace job at the end of June. Here’s how he signed off:

When I buy a nice new house there for cheap I’ll be sure to send you a photo.  🙂


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