Throughout the day, we’ll be bringing you dispatches from polling stations around the city. Here’s the first entry from a sampling of voters leaving a Del Cerro voting center. You might recognize one of the names.

Name: Lewis Thompson

Age: 81

Occupation: Retired Teacher

Neighborhood: Del Cerro

“I voted for Jerry Sanders because I think under the adverse circumstances he’s had to work with, he’s done a very good job. And Steve Francis was endorsed by the Sierra Club and man I’ve had all the environmental stuff I can take … The people that endorse you, you’re gonna’ be beholden to. In the end, the Sierra Club really cooked me with Francis. He wants to go green. He’s got millions of dollars, he can go green. I can’t, I’m on a fixed income.”

Name: Dick Murphy

Age: 66

Occupation: Former San Diego Mayor

Neighborhood: Del Cerro

“I can guarantee I did not vote for Aguirre. How’s that?”

Name: Liz Harley

Age: 51

Occupation Homemaker

Neighborhood Del Cerro

“I voted for Jan Goldsmith. It’s really a vote against Mike Aguirre and Scott Peters. He seems levelheaded and sane … I also voted for April Boling because she’s a CPA and understands finances.”


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