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It took Donna Frye and Carl DeMaio all of three days to officially begin their alliance on what will be the new San Diego City Council.

Councilwoman Frye and Councilman-elect DeMaio are holding a news conference Monday to unveil what they call a “bipartisan effort to create a package of reforms regarding how City Council conducts business.”

DeMaio is on a three-day sabbatical and is not taking calls until Monday. His spokeswoman, Erica Mendelson, said the reform package will focus “on how the council conducts business,” not on specific issues.

Minutes into his victory speech Tuesday night, the Republican DeMaio began talking about having a five-member block of council members on the “reform agenda.” But he still hasn’t said who they might be.

It seems a safe bet that Frye is one of the five DeMaio is talking about. She has been giddy over his win.

I’ve put a call into Donna’s office in hopes of getting some more details. Stay tuned.


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