San Diegans yearning for year-round access to all city pools were given a ray of hope last week when Andrea Tevlin, the city’s independent budget analyst suggested, that all pools stay open January through December.

In a report last Friday, Andrea Tevlin recommended restoring a net 85 jobs from the 125 that Mayor Jerry Sanders has eliminated in his proposed budget for fiscal year 2009. Among the jobs were 22 positions that would give the parks and recreation department enough staff to keep each of the city’s 13 pools open all year.

For the past several years the city has kept only four pools open all year, with the rest operating on staggered schedules during the non-summer months.

Council President Scott Peters dashed those hopes Thursday at his weekly media briefing. Peters said he is inclined to support most of Tevlin’s recommendations, but wasn’t optimistic about the pools.

“I’m not sure we will be able to do anything with swimming pools,” he said.

Tevlin is due to issue a revised set of recommendations Friday. Don’t count on the pool proposal making the new list.


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