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I just got word that Councilman Ben Hueso, a Democrat, will be announcing his endorsement of city attorney challenger Jan Goldsmith, a Republican, at a press conference this morning.

The endorsement is a boost for Goldsmith. His opponent, incumbent Mike Aguirre, is hoping to rally Democratic support around him as he takes on the judge and former mayor of Poway. Aguirre has been trying to portray the race as increasingly partisan in an attempt to corral supporters from the left.

Goldsmith has also been criticized for his stance on immigration when he served in the state Legislature, so the endorsement of a high-profile Latino could help.

But the endorsement is also not much of a surprise. Hueso supported Scott Peters’ run against Aguirre in the primary election and every time I’ve spoken to him about the city attorney, he’s been vehement in his opposition to Aguirre.


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