City Councilman Ben Hueso pledged his support for city attorney challenger Jan Goldsmith at a press conference just now outside City Hall.

Hueso said he trusts that Goldsmith will be a non-political city attorney who will keep his own policies out of the City Attorney’s Office. He had a lot of criticism for incumbent Mike Aguirre.

“It’s been very, very difficult to work under our current city attorney who’s politicized everything, distracted everything and sought to make a policy decision on every matter,” Hueso said.

“It’s been an environment that’s not really been conducive to providing quality services for the city,” he added.

Goldsmith thanked Hueso for his support and repeated his pledge to keep politics out of the City Attorney’s Office.

“I know the difference between policy and law, between politics and law,” he said. “There’s a huge wall that’s going to be built between them.”

I asked Hueso what he knows about Goldsmith’s political past, and whether there’s anything in Goldsmith’s past that might clash with Hueso’s Democratic ideals.

He said he believes Goldsmith’s going to be true to his word.

“I hope together, we as a community, can hold him to that promise,” he said.


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