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As a relatively new owner of a scooter, I took particular interest in the U-T‘s story today about the mania for the little vehicles. The scooter story has been making the rounds. There was the Wall Street Journal. The New York Times. And, of course, the Louisville Courier Journal.

The UT‘s piece is a pretty straight forward trend story until I got to the end and this rather disorienting line from the writer of the article, Bruce Bigelow:

The lowest-priced scooters, which are imported from China, cost about $800 and are recommended by local retailers about as highly as anything else made in China these days.

Oh snap! Take that you Chinese losers. Oh wait, I just realized my shoes were made in China. And my bike helmet. Oh and that voice recorder that I love. And my phone. Yeesh.

Looks like Ron Roberts has some more work to do to improve those Sino-San Diego relations he’s been investing so heavily in.


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