I just got a call back from city attorney candidate Jan Goldsmith. Goldsmith and incumbent Mike Aguirre debated at last night’s meeting of the San Diego Democratic Club, where Aguirre accused Goldsmith of “talking out of both sides of his mouth” and acting like Jimmy Hoffa.

Aguirre is trying really hard to characterize Goldsmith as a conservative Republican who will never let go of his conservative values. In return, Goldsmith says he’s an apolitical lawyer, who, unlike Aguirre, is going to steadfastly keep politics out of the City Attorney’s Office.

Goldsmith reiterated his lawyerly credentials yesterday. He said he left his political career behind when he made the switch from politician to judge nearly a decade ago, and that he has no intention of being anything but an impartial lawyer if he becomes the next city attorney.

“Mike can categorize me any way he likes,” Goldsmith said. “I characterize myself as a lawyer.”

Goldsmith also made the claim that Aguirre only won last night’s endorsement by a narrow margin. He said Aguirre won 40 or so votes while 20 members voted not to endorse at all. Last night Aguirre told me he won 70 percent or so of the vote.

I’ve put in a call to the club to try and find out the exact vote.


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