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Tuesday, July 1, 2008 | This is a non-story and embarrassing that even chose to run it. The woman is the CEO of CCDC. She was asked to sign a document on behalf of CCDC extending the time for negotiations with a developer. She did not participate in ANY negotiations with that developer and did not negotiate the extension. That was done by John Collum, a senior project manager with CCDC who is negotiating with the developer. No one has said she had anything to do with any negotiation with this developer, as confirmed by the chairman of the board of directors of CCDC.

Nancy Graham had previously recused herself from all negotiations. Signing this document was not a negotiation. A CEO signs hundreds of documents negotiated by others on the staff because many documents require the CEO’s signature. What she may have profited from in Florida with some other development has nothing to do with this transaction and you know it.

This is not Pulitzer Prize winning journalism. It’s not even Booby- prize reporting.

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