The controversy over transferring principal-to-be Edward Caballero from Sherman Elementary to Jerabek Elementary in Scripps Ranch is still simmering.

Yesterday, parents and teachers met with outgoing Deputy Superintendent Geno Flores to share their concerns about Caballero’s transfer. Some had hoped for answers from the school district about why Caballero was reassigned.

“He said he was there to answer questions, but he didn’t really,” said Renee Oswald, who will be teaching at Sherman this fall. “We still don’t know what’s going on.”

Teodora Cruz, chairwoman of the District English Learner Advisory Committee, said Sherman community members will meet with Superintendent Terry Grier this afternoon to discuss the issue. Unless Caballero is assigned back to Sherman, Cruz said the community is still mobilizing to protest his transfer en masse at the next San Diego Unified school board meeting.


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