Tuesday, July 8, 2008 | Excellent story by Will Carless about SEDC salary embezzlement. One mistake—the City Council does not “oversee” the Redevelopment Agency. The City Council IS the Redevelopment Agency.

I was amazed that SEDC refuses to give voiceofsandiego.org salary information since the California Supreme Court ruled in August 2007 that these salaries are public information. Voice should file a public record lawsuit.

I am further amazed that the City Council is unaware of the salaries and how they were manipulated. Where is their controller, their internal auditor, their outside auditor, their budget analyst? Why in the world does this council allow SEDC to keep its salaries secret, inasmuch as the council is the sole owner of SEDC?

The council votes on SEDC’s budget every year. Scott Peters controls the agenda. He combines the SEDC, the Centre City Development Corp., and 11 other redevelopment budgets into just ONE agenda item, so that anyone commenting gets three minutes total to speak on all 13 budgets.

I wanted to comment on SEDC and CCDC, but the three minute limit effectively stifles any comprehensive comment.

It’s painfully obvious that the City Council is too incompetent to analyze the budget, even with their independent budget analyst.

One online newspaper has accomplished more than the entire city accounting bureaucracy.

The SEDC executives should pay back the Redevelopment Agency their ill-gotten gains after which they can submit their resignations.

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