Amy Lepine just released this statement about her decision to drop a lawsuit that alleged wrongful dismissal and sexual harassment.

The statement also seems to offer an endorsement of Aguirre.

Lepine stands in solidarity with the county Democratic party, who recently endorsed the incumbent in the race for City Attorney.

“I felt that now is the time to resolve our differences, and to work collectively to elect the Democratic candidate for San Diego City Attorney.”

That’s quite a turnaround.

Lepine wasn’t available for an interview just now. She’s “with a client.”

I called Aguirre for a comment. He hung up and called Lepine, then called me back.

“I’m very appreciative, I’m looking forward to a new chapter,” Aguirre said.

Pressed on whether he’s happy accepting an endorsement from someone who has accused him of sexual harassment and of creating a work environment that is hostile to women, Aguirre said: “One of the great things about our American system is that adversaries can resolve their differences and move ahead and I hope to do that.”


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