Declaring the trial beach alcohol ban a success, City Councilman Kevin Faulconer and City Council President Scott Peters today announced a proposal to put a permanent ban on the November ballot.

The two guys in suits made their announcement surrounded by a bunch of cheering beachgoers at the foot of Reed Street in Pacific Beach.

“People have had a chance to come down to the beach and see the results,” Faulconer said of the one-year trial ban that is set to expire in November. “Now it is time to allow the voters to have the final word on this.”

The voters have had final word before, and opted against banning beach booze. Proposition G, which would have imposed a ban in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach, failed by a slim margin in 2002.

Nonetheless, both Peters and Faulconer, who himself has wavered on the issue, say San Diegans have overwhelmingly supported this year’s trial ban.

City Council will vote next week on whether to put the permanent ban on the ballot, Peters said.


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