I just spoke with Michael Radford, attorney for Rick Reynolds. Reynolds is Mayor Jerry Sanders’ former assistant chief operating officer who sued the city for wrongful termination.

Radford said he and Reynolds are currently evaluating their options after a judge threw out their case based on governmental immunity, but allowed them to bring the suit again if it is amended. (Click here for a story I did earlier this year on governmental immunity.) The primary option, he said, is to amend the suit to allege facts or legal theories that address the issue of governmental immunity.

“I don’t know whether we will or not,” Radford said. However, like his client, he also stated that “the case is not over.”

I had reported earlier this week that the case had been thrown out, based on information from the Mayor’s Office. However, I didn’t have the nuance in there that Radford and Reynolds could try to rewrite their original complaint.


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