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Thursday, Aug. 7, 2008 | As an elected member of the oversight committee for the Golden Hill Community Development Commission Maintenance Assessment District, I will tell you that there is no mechanism in the City of San Diego for oversight concerns to be addressed. The mayor’s office and city attorney need to do something to provide independent monitoring for all of these city-funded nonprofits.

We have addressed our concerns to the City Council and to the CDC itself. The City Council passed the MAD CDC budget, although the oversight committee voted not to support it.

Recently, council members Toni Atkins and Ben Hueso have been responsive, and the City Council mandated mediation between the Golden Hill CDC and the oversight committee. Donna Frye has greatly supported transparency issues. We would like to see less money spent in the CDC office, tighter contracts written, and compliance with state law. The oversight we would like to provide is not part of the way the city does business. Providing a special auditor to the SEDC does not address our issues. We need a better way.

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