Anyone worried about city workers going without pay can rest easy.

Everyone on the city of San Diego’s payroll was paid by 12:01 a.m. Monday, said Mayor Jerry Sanders’ spokesman, Fred Sainz.

Thousands of San Diego city employees did not get their bi-weekly paychecks Friday due to a foul-up at the San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union, which issues paychecks to the city’s 11,000 workers.

All told, about 7,000 employees were not paid on time. Those who are issued an actual paycheck (about 500 employees), and customers of the credit union (about 3,500 employees) received their pay on time.

On Friday and throughout the weekend the credit union contacted 172 different financial institutions where city employees have their paychecks deposited, to get the deposits made, Sainz said. The credit union also promised to reimburse employees for any late fees or other charges that result from the late paychecks.


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