Thanks for your great suggestion of the online funeral service supplement. Having someplace to turn for a listing of top-of-the-line, affordable grief resources in the days following the death of a loved one can be so helpful.

And what easier place is there to look than the Internet?

In addition to listing the updated versions of the San Diego Grief Resource Directory on our web site, The Jenna Druck Foundation is currently expanding our online services to include a virtual community for healing grief. The Internet is but one of the great new ways we can better serve the bereaved in our communities at a time when they most need it. It can never replace the “high touch” help people can receive from a loving family, loyal friends and relatives, a support group, a terrific grief counselor or compassionate co-workers, but it connects us effortlessly to a menu of bereavement programs, services and information that can make all the difference.


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