Countering the initial advice of its staff, the San Diego County Taxpayers Association board voted today to support Proposition S, the new San Diego Unified facilities bond.

“This is the best bond that the taxpayers of San Diego had ever seen and we just had to provide the information necessary to make the case,” said Larry Remer, a political consultant for Education and Children First, an outside group that is advocating for the bond. “… Our strategy was, they want more information? Let’s give them all the information they want.”

The question of whether the group would support the $2.1 billion measure had been circulating as early as last summer, when its president, Lani Lutar, said ongoing repair needs in San Diego Unified after 1998’s Proposition MM could undercut it enthusiasm for another bond.

Overdue repairs were among the reasons that Taxpayers Association staff advised their board to shun the bond earlier this summer. But after San Diego Unified responded with additional documents and explanations, the board decided to support the bond.

“They responded to a number of our initial concerns, and demonstrated that they are capable of implementing and executing a future bond measure,” Lutar said. “There’s always going to be some minor issues with any district. But it would not be any different than concerns we may have about other school districts in which we’ve supported bonds.”

The Taxpayers Association joins the San Diego Police Officers Association and Biocom in endorsing Proposition S, Remer said.


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