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San Diego officials have one week to find at least six private citizens will to serve on its newly constituted audit committee. As of now, only three have applied, said Independent Budget Analyst Andrea Tevlin, who is in charge of recruitment.

The audit committee is the centerpiece of Proposition C, a measure approved by voters in June that reconfigures the city’s internal auditing function. The city’s auditor, currently Eduardo Luna, will report to the committee, which in turn will report to City Council.

“We really need good people to apply,” Tevlin said. “It’s really important.”

The deadline for applications is Sept. 3.

Candidates must have at least 10 years of experience as a certified public accountant or as a certified internal auditor, or 10 years of other professional financial or legal experience in audit management.

Anyone interested in applying for the volunteer position can click here for more information.


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