San Diego City Council voted 5-3 today to send out notices to city residents concerning proposed water rate increases that would cover the costs of an $11.8 million pilot program for recycling sewage into potable water.

The city is proposing a 3.08 percent increase — which would raise the rates for the average single-family home by $1.19 a month. The rate increase would be in effect for about 18 months, which is how long officials estimate it will take to raise the $11.8 million.

Councilmen Kevin Faulconer, Tony Young and Brian Maienschein voted against the noticing. All three oppose the water reuse program.

Also included in the notice will be a proposed 8.5 percent water-rate increase that is being passed through from the San Diego County Water Authority. This proposed increase would raise monthly rates for the average single-family home by about $3.30.

The notices will include forms giving residents the opportunity to lodge protests against the rate increases. Residents have 45 days to lodge their protests. City Council will hold a hearing on the proposed increases on November 17.


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