Monday, Sept. 8, 2008 | The beach alcohol ban is working. You’ll have the opportunity to make it permanent in the November election, by voting “YES” on Proposition D. If you go to the beach frequently, you’ve noticed how clean the sand is, how the families have returned, and the lack of drunks hassling tourists.

But if you seldom or never go to the beach, why should you care? First of all, if you have children or grandchildren, this is where they used to go to get drunk. Citations for minors in possession of alcohol have dropped over 50 percent since the ban started in January.

Also consider this: In the summertime, with booze allowed on the sand, every police division had to provide officers to maintain order at the beach. The need for this extra support is rapidly diminishing, meaning you will have more cops keeping your neighborhood safe. Police overtime is dropping too, and this savings can be applied to things like pothole repair and streetlight replacement.

If Proposition D fails, binge drinking on the beaches will return and San Diego will once again become a magnet for rowdies from all over Southern California. Why? Because we will be the only significant place you can drink on the sand. Vote “Yes” on Proposition D.

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