Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2008 | The stories surrounding Nancy Graham and Carolyn Smith reflect just how little Mayor Sanders has done to ensure open and honest government in San Diego. Voice reporters Will Carless and Rob Davis, together with civic activists and Don Bauder of the San Diego Reader have uncovered more of the slime that we call city government and public service. But Sanders and the City Council still don’t get it as far as CCDC is concerned. Fred Maas says mistakes were made, but doesn’t take any responsibility for them by resigning. Jennifer LeSar has had the gall to accept the position as chair of the CCDC ad hoc search committee for a new president despite her appalling lack of judgment with regard to Nancy Graham. I don’t support allowing CCDC to continue as a separate corporation, but if it is to exist, it needs a new board as badly as SEDC did.

What’s the point of a strong mayor who can’t make the tough decisions?

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