Monday, Sept. 15, 2008 | Has anyone brought this issue to the attention of the incredibly inept Ethics Commission? Is District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis’ Public Integrity Unit still licking its wounds from the Steve Castaneda debacle? Are the U.S. attorneys too busy peeking through the door at Cheetah’s?

The real story here isn’t Stephen Whitburn’s refusal to pledge his vote for City Council president, rather it is Todd Gloria’s obvious guilt at having done so! Gloria’s decision to promise an official vote to the wealthiest players in San Diego Democratic politics in exchange for an endorsement is outrageous. The quid pro quo of prospectively promising official Council votes in exchange for big labor’s backing and bucks makes the phony strip club scandal and the phony Chula Vista corruption case look even more ridiculous.

The Ethics Commission fined City Attorney Mike Aguirre for sending out mass fundraising emails that inadvertently contained some government recipients, but they slept through the redevelopment agency crises. The Labor Council is only a half-mile away from Grantville, maybe the attorney general could turn over two stones at once?

Editor’s note: Labor Council officials say that Gloria did not promise or pledge to vote a certain way when the discussion of who becomes the next president of the City Council emerges.

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