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City Attorney Mike Aguirre just called to say his television advertisements will start tomorrow.

We don’t have the ad up yet on the site but it features Aguirre sitting at a table with his tie down a notch, sleeves rolled up and pencil in his hand.

Here’s the transcript:

Sure I could’ve done some things differently. Probably should have. But as city attorney my job is to protect the city and the taxpayers, not sell them out. I could’ve had the support of the power brokers if I’d have gone along with their financial scheme. That’s why the city’s pension system is $1 billion in the whole. That’s why we don’t have the money to repair our roads, keep our libraries open. I’m not going to sell the people out. As long as I am city attorney, I am going to represent the people of the city.

Challenger Jan Goldsmith isn’t yet on television.


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