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The Centre City Development Corp.’s chairman, Fred Maas, said today that some of the complaints raised recently about CCDC’s responses to California Public Records Act requests have been “reasonable.” The agency has been deluged with requests, he said, but there’s room to improve CCDC’s responses.

“I’d like to err in the favor of being more transparent than less,” Maas said. “I think there have been reasonable issues and reasonable complaints and in some cases we haven’t been as responsive as we should be.”

Maas was echoing sentiments raised by CCDC board member Kim Kilkenny, who said he wanted the board to formally address the issue.

“I know because of recent events we’ve received a lot of [requests],” Kilkenny said. “But I want to be in a position that in terms of our oversight responsibility we’re being as responsive as we can be.”


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