Speaking at the Centre City Development Corp.’s meeting this afternoon, one member of the public offered criticism of the redevelopment agency’s public records disclosure policies.

Rita Collier, a downtown resident, said she was disappointed in CCDC’s transparency. Collier said she filed a request one month ago under the California Public Records Act.

CCDC has not provided a date when the records will be ready, Collier told the board, nor has she received a request for a time extension or an explanation of why records haven’t been produced.

“Please respond in a timely and proper manner to my request,” Collier told the board.

The act requires agencies to acknowledge receiving a request within 10 calendar days; they then have 14 days to review records to determine whether they’re public and releasable.

Late last week, CCDC denied two requests I’ve filed. CCDC spokesman Derek Danziger told me a few minutes ago that the agency would be providing some of those records today.


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