School board member Shelia Jackson must not be that worried about her school board seat: She spent a good chunk of time at a candidates forum Wednesday night hinting that change was needed on the board — a veiled plug for John Lee Evans, the psychologist who is running against fellow board member Mitz Lee.

Like Jackson, Evans is a Democrat, opposed laying off teachers earlier this year during budget cuts, and objects to a policy that bars board members from publicly criticizing the superintendent or his staff.

“In November you change the school board,” Jackson said, “and in 2010 you change the board. We can do it.”

Assuming that Jackson isn’t trying to oust herself, that sounds like a call to unseat Lee. Jackson is one of three school board members who are up for re-election, running against computer teacher Xeng Yang. Lee is running against Evans, and Acle was disqualified from the race, guaranteeing his seat to challenger Richard Barrera.

Evans picked up that theme, calling his race “the one that will make the difference.” Yang won 24 percent of the vote in the June primary compared to the 54 percent won by Jackson; Evans’ remarks implied that Yang would not be a contender.

“You can have Shelia and Richard up there raising hell” by themselves, he said, “or you can have three of us” with a dominant vote on the board.


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