Here’s the best of the last few limericks that have rolled in since I launched our challenge Tuesday. I challenged you to turn this story about Nantucket, a development in Leucadia, into a limerick. A few of you responded with these ones and these ones.

Here’s one from reader MLS:

There once was a man built Nantucket
He lost all his money and said, “Chuck it”
White wrapped big eyesores
Old rotten two-by-fours
Will he finish with bail-out tax ducats?

Here’s SD‘s take:

Nantucket was a development in Leucadia
With property values that sank like the RMS Lusitania
The developer tried and tried to stall
But ended up with houses missing a wall
And now they won’t even return your call.

DF added:

Barratt, the builder from Carlsbad
Knew breathtaking views were no fad
So they took a big flier
But lost all their buyers
Now they’re busted and terribly mad


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