San Diego police, the Metropolitan Waste Water Department, city lifeguards and county environmental health employees have all been following up on the mystery pollution that’s been washing up at Fiesta Island.

Jay Goldstone, the city’s chief operating officer, outlined that response in a memo addressing City Councilwoman Donna Frye’s concerns about the mysterious blobs that have caused closures throughout Mission Bay. Frye asked for more signs to be posted around the water warning of the closures; Goldstone said the city is working with county employees to ensure that sufficient signage is posted.

Goldstone wrote:

I wish to make it very clear that we share in your concern of the ongoing pollution that has adversely impacted water quality in Mission Bay. … Thus far, there has been no evidence that illegal dumping is the source of this material in Mission Bay.

The police have assigned personnel to respond to any leads, Goldstone said, and city lifeguards are also monitoring the bay.

A city consultant is testing the material to determine whether it’s from a human source. Goldstone said those results are expected today. We’ll share them when they’re available.


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