Reader Seagull drew an interesting parallel between the problems uncovered by Emily Alpert‘s investigation into charter school official Mike Hazelton and those exposed by our redevelopment investigations this summer.

His point: both charter schools and the city’s unique nonprofit redevelopment agencies are structured to avoid bureaucratic red tape and operate like private entities, only with public money. Seagull writes:

Have you noticed how there are these striking parallels in her article about the Charter School experiences with Financial Mismanagement and what is going on with the two [Redevelopment Agency] non-profits?

It is really funny that in both instances you have non-profits established to escape government bureaucracy which end up floundering because they were too loosely controlled. Interesting… I guess inefficient bureaucracy pays in some respects. Either that, or the public thinks they are willing to accept more risk than they really are prepared too.


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