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In response to Steve’s post, thank you for characterizing my comments with an example. Inevitably, this is only the first step into more restrictive laws and sliding down the slippery slope.

IF Prop D is passed, the pro-banner crowd will then look to close bars and stores that sell alcohol because they haven’t driven the “bad apples” from the community as the ban promised to do. They will point to the same examples and issues still left unsolved by the ban, stating “Look, we need to ban bars from selling alcohol because there are too many drunks in Pacific Beach (or Ocean Beach, or Mission Beach, or Gaslamp or wherever you live). Again, there are already laws on the books that address each and every single one of these complaints. And so we go down the slope, taking a bit of freedom away from the responsible people each step of the way.

As an analogy, if you have a weed in your yard, do you rip out everything? Or do you just pull out the weed?


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