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City Attorney Mike Aguirre just called to give an update on the firefighters gay pride parade case. He said the jury in the trial hung on the claim that four firefighters were sexually harassed when they were ordered to take part in last summer’s pride parade.

The jury didn’t get past the first question on its questionnaire, Aguirre said. The jury was split 8-4 on the first question and could not resolve its differences. The vote must be at least 9-3 to move forward.

The jury also threw out the firefighters’ claim that they were retaliated against after they filed complaints against the city, Aguirre said.

The city attorney said he was going somewhere to drink champagne. I called the firefighters’ attorney, Charles LiMandri, to see if he plans to re-try the case. I haven’t heard back yet.

Update: The original version of this post incorrectly stated that the jury’s vote needed to be unanimous. We regret the error.


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