Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2008 | How interesting. The mayor and his gang of six apparently covertly agree to push through 4780 new units (among other thousands before). State law requires these residences, over 500 units, have a guaranteed 20-year water supply before approving permits, yet he insists that everyone else conserve water. Isn’t that called being a hypocrite? His behavior is pitiful, with holier-than-thou sermons, while he exasperates the problem as the supposedly responsible new strong mayor. While our families conserved considerably (over 10 percent over last year), our water bills have risen more than 38 percent. We watch as new homeowners in 15,000 square foot lots, with lush, tropical spreads in Otay Mesa, complete with pools, jacuzzis, waterfalls, and landscaping, are allowed to use so much water to keep their homes “beautiful.”

All the while, they’re paying $500 a month in water bills. Is that your intent, to bankrupt most of the residents here, or suck up those who can “afford to pay,” while developers’ interests are served for short-term profits? Perhaps we need another provider for San Diego’s water for competition? Or perhaps someone needs to show the connection between the city treasurer’s escalating water bills and our mayor’s goals?

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