I just called Regina Petty, corporate counsel for the Southeastern Economic Development Corp., to see whether she intends on providing me with long-overdue public records I’ve requested. She was on a conference call and couldn’t take my phone call, a receptionist told me.

Petty’s secretary, who I know only as “Laurie” isn’t in yet, I was told. She will be in today, the receptionist said.

I plan on calling Petty throughout the day and I will be updating this blog with her responses.

As I outlined in this post yesterday, Petty and her staff have continually ignored my requests for her legal bills for her work for SEDC. I’ve called Petty every day this week and have been put through to her voicemail each time. For the last two days, a message on Petty’s voicemail has told me that her voicemail recorder is full.

Under the California Public Records Act, Petty’s legal bills to SEDC are public records that are open to scrutiny from the public. Under the law, SEDC had 10 days to let me know when I would be getting the records. It’s been more than a month since I put in the request.


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