No word yet from Southeastern Economic Development Corp. Corporate Counsel Regina Petty on whether she’s going to produce her legal bills, documents that must, by law, be made available for public scrutiny.

The secretary at Petty’s firm told me Petty is “unavailable.” Petty’s secretary is currently “in a meeting,” she said. I asked the secretary if she has delivered my many messages to Petty and her secretary.

She said she has, indeed. I asked her what they said.

“They said ‘Ok, thank you,’” she said.

I also got a call from reader Sally Smith who’s decided to take matters into her own hands. Smith called Petty’s office and demanded, as a citizen, to speak to Petty. She was put through to Petty’s full voicemail box. She called back and left a message with the secretary.

“I’m going to get my daughter to call too, this is outrageous,” Smith said.

Smith also pointed out that Petty is a former president of the San Diego County Bar Association. I called the association and spoke with the association’s communications coordinator. I asked her if anyone at the association would like to comment on their former president’s continued refusal to speak to me.

No word yet from them.

I also called SEDC board Chairman D. Cruz Gonzalez, who is currently overseeing the agency while it searches for an interim replacement to ousted SEDC President Carolyn Y. Smith, who left office last month in the wake of a bonus scandal.

Gonzalez said he’s put in a call to Petty, but that he hasn’t heard back yet.


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