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Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2008 | Jay Goldstone says all the “low-hanging fruit” is gone and a more methodical approach must be taken in the continuing budget crisis for the city. Mayor Jerry Sanders has been there for three years now, and he will be there for four more. When is he going to get started? He campaigned on a “get tough” plan of cutbacks, layoffs and privatization. What has he really done? We the taxpayers pay more into the pension fund. Future employees may not get all the “gold-plated requirements” that current employees do. Do you really believe that will change? We pay higher water rates which will rise much higher still. We are asked to pay for parcel taxes, new school bonds for failing schools, bonds for a new high-speed railroad (a true money pit), and more expensive energy schemes. I’m voting no on all these requests, at both local and state levels, until I see some real reform. Sanders and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger have not performed to my expectations.

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