Mighty 1090 AM is holding a three-hour-long discussion of Proposition B starting at noon today. That’s a developer’s plan to build a deck atop the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal, creating space for building hotels and a potential Chargers stadium.

The station’s owner, John Lynch Sr., has given one of the few prominent endorsements of the plan. Lynch is a supporter of the Fans, Taxpayers and Business Alliance, an organization supporters the Chargers’ push for a new stadium.

The first hour is a debate between proponents (developer Frank Gallagher) and opponents (Ray Carpenter, Staite Construction; Brian Whatley, president, International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union Local 29); the second hour features a panel discussion (Peter Q. Davis; City Councilman-elect Carl DeMaio; Ron Hahn; Carpenter; and Whatley). The third hour is an update on the Chargers from team special counsel Mark Fabiani and businessman Dan Shea, a founder of the FTB Alliance.

The program can be streamed live online.


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