Sunday, Oct. 19, 2008 | Contrary to its title, there is nothing rare about the so-called “schooling in social justice” going on at Lincoln High School: California’s public schoolrooms replaced Red Square as the parade ground for unredeemed Marxism long before the Berlin Wall came tumbling down and the bells of Saint Basil’s tolled anew. In fact, how much “justice” can ever be taught beneath the visage of Che Guevara, Fidel Castro’s executioner, who gloried in more than just “the two types of violence” as he massacred thousands of opponents to Cuba’s Stalinist regime. Ooops! Sorry, that’s history, and apparently not part of the “social justice” curriculum or any other whose skills and aptitudes are capable of being measured outside the parameters of protest marches that foster truancy as much as they impair learning.

How nice that themes of “[never?]ending inequality are also woven into other classes. They analyze the messages in hip hop lyrics along with classical poetry; … ” Too bad reality intrudes when newscasts show Lincoln for what it has become: nothing more than a new campus that “cost a lot of money,” and whose test scores are “embarrassing,” where not even campaigning against “the myth of meritocracy” (Read: strive and succeed, formerly, if no longer affectionately, known as the “American way” – can mask that reality behind the educratchiks’ new “pioneering program” and old Cli-Che’s malevolent glare.

What’s ultimately tragic about this blab school, even worse than the waste of millions in taxpayers’ dollars thrown at it, is the fraud being perpetuated by “social justice’s” expondents on their students. Instead of teaching them facts, skills and the ability to think critically on ALL sides of the issues, they’re instead giving them nothing more than excuses to fall back on and replacing their individual confidence with communal despair. Small wonder then that, inflated grades notwithstanding, they’ll eventually be found out and denied admission to quality colleges and universities, or worse, flunking out, after being admitted under some “preference” or other, and their “decolonization” complete, will devolve to lives of discontent and anger sparked by what they learned — but were never taught — at Lincoln.

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