As Sam Hodgson pointed out earlier this month, had a surprise connection to Delora Snow, the Southwest Airlines flight attendant who was our most recent installment in the People at Work series.

Sam realized mid-flight to Vegas that he had recently photographed Snow’s daughter, who competed in the Beijing Olympics this summer, for a separate story.

Now, I just discovered my own random connection to Snow. This weekend, I was talking with my dad, who lives up in British Columbia. He told me his friend John Petersen from Denver was visiting for a conference; they’ve known each other since they were schoolmates in boarding school in Japan.

Knowing that Petersen’s wife, Mindy, is a flight attendant for Southwest, my dad told his friend about the story I’d recently written.

Turns out Mindy Petersen, like Snow, is based out of the Las Vegas airport. She already knew about my story and had been printing it off and sharing it with her friends, my dad told me — a bit incredulously, I think.

And Mindy Petersen’s had her own media attention. This television story revealed an interesting “Hollywood connection” Petersen has. The piece showed how she ushers her passengers into the gate:

Petersen usually makes her announcement by singing “Happy Trails” as the flight lands.

“It was written a long time ago by my grandmother. Her name was Dale Evans. She was married for 50 years to Roy Rogers,” Petersen told passengers on this particular flight.


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