Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2008 | The real goal of the Sunrise Powerlink is to tap into the Sempra LNG plant which has been constructed north of Ensenada. The lines run across Baja to Mexicali where they connect to the Imperial Valley substation.

This is the reason SDG&E is willing to “settle” for a southern route that avoids Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Sempra needs a market for this imported LNG.

Rather than reduce our reliance on imported fossil fuels, the construction of this powerline will see we are tied to imported power for generations.

There are much better altenatives to the Sunrise Powerlink. The Environmental Impact Report, which has just been finalized, puts “transmission” options at the bottom of the list.

I for one would like to see solar panels on every rooftop in San Diego. Generate the power where it is being used.

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