Derek Danziger, the Centre City Development Corp. spokesman, called this afternoon to say his agency would release Nancy Graham’s e-mails next week — not in late November and mid-December, as CCDC attorney Gus Lamanna told me yesterday.

I’ve been looking for every e-mail sent to or from Graham, CCDC’s former president, after April 1 — about the time questions were first raised about her financial ties to the affiliate of a developer with business pending downtown.

CCDC first provided some e-mails in September. Then a new law firm, Los Angeles-based Kane Ballmer Berkman, took over as the agency’s counsel. Lamanna, the firm’s attorney, promptly denied my lingering request and later provided 98 pages of spam messages and other e-mails irrelevant to CCDC business after being dressed down by the agency’s chairman, Fred Maas.

After more protests, CCDC released three boxes of her e-mails Tuesday, but included voluminous amounts of metadata, HTML coding and formatting in the printed e-mails, turning short messages into pages-long tangles of code with occasional sentences interspersed. State law requires public agencies to produce exact copies of records.

Danziger said the normal e-mails be ready at noon Wednesday.


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