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Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008 | I’m only identified as “Daniel ****, — Property Manager” in District 3 City Council candidate Todd Gloria’s hit piece that attempts to draw attention away from Gloria’s overwhelming developer support.

What Gloria deliberately leaves out of this deceptive mailer is any truth about me, Daniel Soderberg.

I’m a fourth generation San Diegan, and I own little more than a 600-square-foot 1927 Craftsman house in Normal Heights with two rental units in back. The rental units help pay the mortgage, and I live and work in the Craftsman which I have lovingly restored. I’m a new member of the Save Our Heritage Organisation Board, fighting for preservation of historic buildings in San Diego.

I make videos like this one.

I’m certainly no wealthy downtown developer.

Gloria’s Halloween mailer shows his true character. Either he is deliberately distorting the truth, or he’s too lazy to check even the most basic facts before making a wild accusation.

I support Stephen Whitburn because he supports historic preservation in San Diego.

Don’t believe everything from Gloria that comes into your mail box, San Diego. He’s not telling you the truth.

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