Incumbent City Attorney Mike Aguirre recently loaned his campaign $50,000, according to campaign filing records. It’s the second sizable loan Aguirre’s made in the course of the campaign, and brings the total amount he has injected into his campaign to $72,500.

That’s still a lot less than the $500,000 Aguirre lent his campaign in 2004. City Hall observers have been waiting to see if the incumbent pumps his own money into the race and speculation’s been rampant that Aguirre no longer has the sort of wealth that helped push him to victory four years ago.

Aguirre’s challenger, Superior Court Judge Jan Goldsmith, has been out-fundraising the incumbent by almost 6-to-1. Goldsmith’s also been buoyed by independent expenditures on his behalf, including one supporter who has spent tens of thousands of dollars flying a Jan Goldsmith banner above San Diego for the last two weeks.

Aguirre has been running a new television commercial in the ultimate days of the race that features a number of San Diegans of all ages and races describing the troubles the city of San Diego was in and why they like Aguirre. It closes with Aguirre promising always represent the people of San Diego as long as he’s city attorney.


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